Certification of Competency Assessor

Technological developments and ways of working have changed the industry’s need for labor and the necessary skills. One’s competence needs to be tailored to the needs of the industry. Various training is held with a variety of uniqueness of each. However, to what extent can the training outcome be accepted by the trainees, the next thing is how to measure one’s competence on a skill whether it is in accordance with industry standards? Assessment is a process that will measure the competence of a person either through training, self-study, work experience or otherwise. To be able to carry out the assessment requires an assessor who has a methodological competence in carrying out the assessment according to the existing assessment standards. In order to earn a PHR certification to support your career, then you can take an exam that can provide an opportunity for you to improve your quality as a worker before you start doing the exam, you may be able to see the PHR exam questions.

The need for current assessors is still far from the amount of labor to be measured in the professional certification system. Creation of assessors is urgently needed to quickly gauge the competence of existing workers so that they can be quickly absorbed by the industry or get an idea of ??where their competency gaps are so that focus training can be done. When interviewing prospective employees, an HRD staff must follow a number of standard procedures to test the candidate. Among others, by matching the skills possessed by the candidate, the following personal characteristics with the requirements needed for the position of work to be occupied. Testing to get the most appropriate person to fill a particular position is just one of the skills a professional must have in the HRD Department. HRD management requires step-by-step approaches. The neat data, the ability to manage time well, personal efficiency, are the basic things in the HRD function. As a leader or HR staff, you are dealing with the survival and careers of the people.