Disguises cellulite especially on the thigh

The stomach and thigh are two parts of the body that women often complain about because the area has excess fat. Although it has maintained the pattern of food plastic surgeon baltimore, but sometimes changes in body shape is not seen significantly. In addition to maintaining your diet, maybe you can try a treatment to shrink the circumference of the body so that changes can be felt and clearly visible.

Such treatment can be found in Baltimore’s plastic surgeon. Baltimore provides a promising Body Contouring treatment that shrinks the body circumference by two to six centimeters in just one treatment. Body Contouring is a treatment that is often referred to as an alternative to liposuction. The treatment using a slimming ultrasound Cavitation machine with Multipolar Radio Frequency can work simultaneously that is useful for fat burning.

The function of such treatment not only reduces fat but also tightens the coolies, slimming and touching the body and fade cellulite. Uniquely these body shrinking treatments begin and end with a special massage technique called Body Lipomassage. Body Lipomassage functions to open the lymphatic channels in addition to fat killing. Disposal in the lymphatic drain, where it will be excreted through urination and defecation. After the body is massaged, the area of ??the body that wants to be minimized smeared with gel as a tool carrier. Then the Cavitation tool and Radio Frequency ‘run’ on the body. Radio frequency equipment for heating for soft grease and cavitation works to destroy fat while. So the fat is softened and destroyed.