How to Make a Yoghurt

Visit our website to get the best yogurt maker. Here’s how you should do to make a yoghurt:


– Prepare melted milk with 1 litre of boiled water then add milk cream as much as 15%.

– Cook over low heat while stirring for 30 minutes but not boiling. It only aims to evaporate the water so that it will form a lump or solid yoghurt.

– If it is, solid yoghurt then lifted and cooled approximately until lukewarm new then added seeds yoghurt as much as 2 – 5% of the yoghurt that has been thickened earlier. Seed yoghurt is not sold in the market freely but you can get in one store. Or simply we can use plain yoghurt (without the added flavour), no sugar and no scent as yoghurt seeds.

– Let stand for 24 hours in a sealed container to produce a strong sour taste and shape.

– The higher the total solid the clear liquid remaining fewer, and the resulting yoghurt the better. Solid yoghurt that has not been given additional flavour can also be used as yoghurt seed for the next manufacture.

– After the form of yoghurt can be added syrup or sugar for those who are not strong acid, can even be added to additional flavour foods such as oranges, strawberries and lychees that we can get in pharmacies. Yoghurt can be served not only as a drink but can also be served with fruit salad as a sauce or as a mixture of fruit ice.

– Finished yoghurt can be placed in plastic or glass containers. Even if we want to use a plastic container should be a bit thick, but if you want to save yoghurt for a longer time should use a glass container.

Hygiene is a thing that we must pay attention to, so it is better that all tools used first boiled in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. If unanswered cleanliness can lead to unapproved yoghurt, with the characteristic of non-acidic though solid, on a solid surface overgrown with mushrooms that are in the form of dark spots and very acidic acids. For yoghurt that we make ourselves should be the longest storage for 1 week.