Mistakes That Must We Avoid

Most website or blog using WordPress CMS business usually because the platform is very easy to be applied to make a website or blog that looks professional pagesatu.com. However, not all web masters or web owners really understand when making arrangements on their WordPress website. Elegant appearance does not always give the maximum impact, a website must also have the quality of the SEO (search engine optimization). Error on setting up a WordPress website can result not maximal the website in the search engines so that the web will be losing potential traffic continuously. Obviously, this is very bad for business. Have you already set up the web WordPress you well? Does every post you’ve optimized? If not, you can use SEO services like pagesatu.com.

Although basically a WordPress platform has offered a good structure for SEO, we still need to add a plugin to optimize it. One way is to install WordPress SEO Plugins us. There are two plugins that we can rely on it, such as All In One SEO Pack and WP SEO by Yoast. Blog Maxmanroe.com using the WP SEO plugin by Yoast. By using this plugin we can add a title to the main page, the page posts, determine keyword focus, and several other conveniences. In addition, this plugin can also estimate the SEO score of a post.