Do not Just Think About SEO

Are you new to the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Or feel you have enough ability in the world of SEO because it knows some specific SEO techniques? Apparently, there are some mistakes that are often done by the newbie in the world of SEO, which as long as you still feel there in yourself, so you can still be categorised as a newbie. For that, you need help from us. Visit now and get professional help to handle your website. Here is one of the mistakes made by beginners.

True, if it says SEO is a technique for a website or online store can go to the first page of Google for certain keywords. But it is wrong if you just make the website beautiful in the eyes of Google robot, but not beautiful in the eyes of your visitors. However you SEO to get a lot of visitors, therefore the website itself must be ready to facilitate visitors to find information on your website. Meanwhile, the newbie in the field of SEO is usually too focused on how the website entered the first page, without considering that the website is not user-friendly, thus making the bounce rate is greater.